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Carlton Cocktail Walk

We like to do things a little differently here in Carlton, and we developed a cocktail themed, "prohibition-style", event in the valley’s most walkable town to show off all of our creative people and unique places. We have a “secret speakeasy” (that you’ll have to play along to find), guest distilleries and local maker pop-ups in host business locations to round out a day of food, drink, and fun...


(1) Carlton & Coast
325 W Main St.

You’re probably planning on visiting Carlton & Coast Tavern this weekend. Is it to grab one of their 38 beers/ciders on tap? Well, here’s another reason for you. They’ll also be featuring their Tata-tini for the Carlton Cocktail Walk! What is that you ask? A delicious raspberry lemon drop with a lemon and mint garnish. Yum! The sugar on top? Purchasing this cocktail also helps raise money for With Courage, a non-profit that provides support, mentorship, and financial assistance to women in the Yamhill Valley impacted by breast cancer.


(2) Bull Run Distillery

214 W Main St, Suite B

What kind of event would the Carlton Cocktail Walk be if it didn't involve cocktails? Bull Run has that covered with two fall-inspired concoctions! They’re so delicious we wouldn't be surprised if you included them in your Thanksgiving celebrations. Sunshower Hill Farm will be making sure these handcrafted cocktails are perfectly garnished. At the Post, they like to sip in style, which will be easier to do in the new handmade sippers created by Bradley Speer of Pick This Farm and Studio. Swing by and sip for yourself!


(3) Republic of Jam

211 W Main St.

We're excited to have guest distiller New Deal Distillery joining us for the Carlton Cocktail Walk! New Deal is a Portland-based craft distillery with a strong focus in keeping their spirit production as local as possible. Their spirits are made in Portland and they're made right. Try their award-winning spirits at Republic of Jam. If you've been to our previous Cocktail Walks then you already know that ROJ will be cooking up some tasty treats to go alongside some delicious cocktails. Can you think of a better way to celebrate local makers and cocktail shakers? 

(?) Bit by a Fox Traveling Speakeasy


When it comes to cocktails, who does it better than Bit by a Fox Traveling Speakeasy? They're debuting two new cocktails during the Carlton Cocktail Walk, the Alpine Snoo and the Hola, Cola! And while Townshend’s Distillery might not actually be at the Cocktail Walk, they will be there in spirit, or spirits rather. Bit by a Fox will be featuring their Bluebird Alpine Liqueur, Pacific Northwest Fernet, and White Rose. We know what you're thinking, how do you get your hands on those. Here’s how...the speakeasy will be at a super-secret location and you'll need to solve a riddle to find out where. Just visit Bull Run Carlton Post or Republic of Jam for the clue and the map. Or you can answer the riddle below. We're ready to celebrate local makers and cocktail shakers. Are you?

Answer the riddle below to get the password to the speakeasy!

"I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?"

[Click here and enter your answer as the password!]




Bull Run Distillery, Carlton & Coast Tavern, Bit By A Fox Traveling Speakeasy & Republic of Jam/Carlton Cocktail Co. are the founders and organizers of the event, and we recruit other local businesses, distilleries, and artisan makers to participate with us.

When & Where



The walks happen the second Saturday of every other month. Keep an eye on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) to get more detailed information about participants and special guests. Walks are scheduled from 1 to 6 pm.




Because who doesn’t love a good cocktail?



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